♦ Store “online”


Transmitter of BioUniversal® Energy

Transmitter Kit BioUniversal Energy


Kit 1

Pad, bracelet and anklet

♦ Helps remove all types of physical pain, even where strong drugs like morphine  can’t.

♦ Removes and eliminates depression with the first use, but must follow the full treatment prescribed.

♦ Helps regenerate and heal herniated discs and other spinal problems. 

Removes the pain and starts a regenerative process in the first application for problems of rheumatism, arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Helps regenerate all kinds of ailments, physical, mental and spiritual. The kit improves the quality of life considerably for those who isn’t able to heal.

Can open the perception of all Universal frequencies.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: If for any reason you wish to return the kit and we receive it back, in perfect conditions within the first thirty days after purchase date, we will refund the total cost you payed for the Kit. All shipping costs must be payed by who ordered the Kit. 

♦ “Limited time Gift”: Free of obligation therapy trial online, for you to consider the benefits before considering purchasing a Kit or not. 

Request a free therapy trial online stating this “limited time gift” offer to: guia@biouniversal.info  and send us your Skype username to add it to our Skype contacts for you to receive one therapy online free of obligations.


Promotional price for the presentation of the Kit 

 Kit: one box with 2 wristbands, 2 ankle bands and one patch

 50,00 U$S dollars

 + Shipping Cost 



 Pay with Credit or Debit Card

PayPal Acceptance Mark


♦ Includes the purchase month of energy recharge free “online” and indications of personalized use online.

 Request cost of shipping to email guia@serhumanouniversal.org Indicating: Full Name – Street – City – State or Province – Zip Code – Country – Number of kits to be sent.

♦ Estimated delivery time. After receiving your PayPal payment confirmation number, at the most in three working days, we deliver the Kit to the shipping company.

 Recharge the Energy of the Kit online

 for a suggested donation of U$S 20,00 per month or U$S 200,00 per year.

Four days a week service of recharge online.

See “Calendar Events” in main menu.

When you purchase a kit you receive all services offered to Members, including the recharge of the Kits energy online for the first month. To continue the services of the Kits recharge, a suggested donation is required of $ 20,00U$S dollars monthly or 200,00 U$S dollars per year.


After making your payment of the Kit + shipping charges by PayPal

Please fill in  this Kit Members form:

General Instructions


When purchasing a BioUniversal® Kit you become a BioUniversal® Member.

Your membership number and name is printed on the instructions inside the wooden box of your Kit.

When we receive your Members Form and register you in our system as a Member, you will receive by email your Members username and password, necessary to access our Video Chat Room for receiving all the services and benefits offered to all Kit owners and members online.


Members Services 

 Personal Instructions for proper use and care of Kit “online” by Skype, for best results and benefits.

The basic indications are: sleep with bandages on every night and store them in the wooden box when not in use. Do not let any of the Kits components touch metal, the ground or to be touched by other people, because they will immediately be discharged of the BioUniversal Energy that is stored in the Kits.

Recharge the energy of the Kit online

Recharge four days a week .. See “Calendar Events” main menu of our web page. You must assist punctually in a quiet place by your own, without any interruptions, with your Kit at hand, near your computer ready to be recharged at least once a week.

 Personal Therapies  “online”

For an extra donation suggested of 50,00 U$S dollars, we offer a one hour personal therapie “online” 

“Limited Time Gift “A trail therapy is offered free of obligations “online” so you may consider if it’s of benefit for you or not.

Request a free therapy trial online stating this “limited time gift” offer to: guia@biouniversal.info  and send us your Skype username to add it to our Skype contacts for you to receive one therapy online free of obligations. This way you will know if these therapies are beneficial for you, before considering ordering personal therapies on line.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you are not completely satisfied with the Kit and in a period no longer than thirty days as from purchase date the Kit is returned to us in perfect conditions, we shall refund the total amount paid for the Kit. Shipping costs must be paid by who ordered the Kit’


If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please send them to us to our email: guia@biouniversal.info


WE are in the process of constituting a Nonprofit Association.

All funds raised will be used for the expansion of BioUniversal® Project


  The BioUniversal® Project

For man to become a Universal Human Being

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