II Universal Development

Universal Development

Universal Developement

 The knowledge man has always looked for but never found is here:

 How to become a Universal Human Being 

Universal Human Being

For man to become a Universal Human Being he must start by developing:

1) Universal Thoughts  2) Universal concepts  3) Universal Consciousness

 To then develop the qualities and aptitudes that constitute Universal Human Beings.


A Universal Human Being apart from being aware, social, civilized, free and human, syntonizes and connects with the highest Universal frequency, he can conquer new concepts and knowledge he discovers in the frequency of Universal Supreme Intelligence.

The Universal Spirit is in a much higher and separated frequency from the lower intermediate frequency of matter and time where man exists. This is why, the Universal spirit cannot manifest it’s intelligence and energy in the frequency of matter, because it belongs to a higher and refined frequency, a very different and distant frequency from the intermediate frequency of matter where man exists.

The Universal Spirit belongs to a frequency which has no matter, it’s the highest universal frequency, that doesn’t lower itself to the intermediate frequency of matter, therefore it can’t manifest and it can’t materialize itself in the frequency of matter. It needs of man who has matter, intelligence and spirit, to serve as a cable that can connect, transmit and materialize the frequency of the Universal Spirit in the frequency of matter in many different ways.

A Universal Human Being, can syntonize and connect with all the frequencies that conform Universal Integral Reality. This is how he can know where he comes from, where he is, what he is, where he is going, why he is going and how he is going. He can separate his spirit from his body to go where he chooses to in this material universe, in the past and in the future. He can connect and interact with the Universal entities of Light and knows how to counteract the inferior entities. He can also enter the frequency of those who have died physically and interact with them. He knows how to separate and take others on Universal Journeys, so they can perceive, prove and develop the abilities and aptitudes of a Universal Human Being.

Certified BioUniversal Guides are capable of offering conceptual therapies and transmitting BioUniversal Energy to others for regenerating their body, mind and spirit “online”. They can separate the spirit of others to take them on Universal Journeys and teach them to develop the knowledge and skills for becoming Certified BioUniversal Guides.

The natural destiny of man is to become a Universal Human Being,

You have the ability to become one

.The destiny of Man

Man resists adapting to new conditions when faced by circumstantial adversity, proving with this, he resists evolution.

Example of evolution: scientists made the following test: They offered a group of cells, which were intolerant to lactose, to consume nothing else but lactose. The cells which adapted, mutated and were able to consume lactose, those that didn’t obviously were extinguished. This example explains, how different species when threatened by very adverse circumstantial conditions, must adapt and mutate to avoid extinction. When they mutate, only the new species remains, the other is extinguished because it wasn’t able to adapt, it wasn’t able to mutate.

When man has to face adverse circumstances which cause him much suffering, he should understand that this is an opportunity, a lesson for him to discover new concepts, that will allow him to reach higher levels of human consciousness which will free him from his suffering. He must understand that unless he develops these levels of consciousness, he shall be destroyed and very probably die as a result of his severe suffering.

This is the reason, why man has no future: He resists to evolve and become a Universal Human Being. This is why his destiny is to be extinguished, to be swallowed by the universal inferior frequencies to which he syntonizes and belongs.

The destiny of man

This is the reason, why man has no future: Because he resists to evolve and become a Universal Human Being. This is why his destiny, is to be swallowed by the universal inferior frequencies which he syntonizes and already belongs to.


.First me, and after me everyone else. The world is the world with or without me, but my world is mine and for me. For me, the beginning and end of the world is me. I care about the world, because I was born in it and live in it. If I hadn’t been born in this world, I wouldn’t know of my existence or of the existence of the world. As I can’t care about something I don’t know exists and I can’t care about anything if I didn’t exist: The beginning of everything for me, is me.

First I exist, then I feel, then I think and then I conceptualize. Before looking, first I saw it, but before I saw I felt. By logic and nature, before thinking of and for the world I have to think about myself and before knowing the world, I must know myself.

Babies are born without language, without dogmas, without beliefs, without nationalities, without properties, they are born naked, pure clean and innocent, physically, mentally and culturally natural. Babies have no commitments, they didn’t ask to born, so they don’t owe anything and aren’t owned by anyone. Nobody has the right to manipulate them, or own their destination, intellect or life. Nobody has rights over a baby, instead of having rights over them, what we all have are obligations towards them, for caring, protecting, developing, civilizing and humanizing them. To do this we must first civilize, conscientize, civilize and humanize ourselves. Who in the world can say “I’m civilized and human, healthy mentally, culturally and spiritually healthy?” This is the first serious problem all babies will have to confront: The darkness and ignorance of the world is awaiting them.

It’s incredible to see that man believes he knows, he owns and has power. To educate, one must first be educated and know what to teach. This is the first example of the brutal ignorance of man, he teaches a child what he thinks he knows, without reflecting that on account of his beliefs, he is contaminating others with his ignorance. What do they pretend by teaching this to their children, for them to live the way the world is living? Just take a look at the world. It’s so sad to see the profound ignorance practiced. He doesn’t know the universal reason of his existence, he doesn’t know why, or what he lives for. So; what can he teach his children?

Another serious mistake, is that man believes he owns something in this world and develops a serious complex of possession. He selfishly believes he owns objects, money, properties, etc. He’s so ignorant he can’t understand, that he doesn’t even own the body he lives in, because it belongs to the earth and nature. Man must know that his life and properties do not belong to him or to anyone, because they are part of the world and nature, and that life is a manifestation and evolution of nature, and the body he inhabits is a product of nature created by nature itself.

So, what is man owner of?!He is owner of nothing! Why so much ignorance and foolishness. If man doesn’t own his body, territory, products, plants and animals; how can he be the owner of children, husbands or wives?

If man doesn’t know or own anything and in general, and is only capable exploiting, cheating, destroying, depredating and killing, what can he do to benefit himself, or to benefit others and the environment? The answer is nothing!

We should clarify that “power” is for creating and constructing, not for destroying. Where is man heading to with his absurd beliefs, his cultural habits and with his conceptual ignorance? He is separated in groups, race, nationality, creed, color, economic and social levels, separating the world in pieces, attacking his congeners and habitat, contaminating and depredating all the natural resources and resists developing higher levels of universal human intelligence and consciousness.

With this attitude man it is already in the anteroom of exterminating himself, getting closer and closer to it this destiny every day. To change the course of this evil fate, man must stop being led and governed by his instincts, he must depose his beliefs and ignorance, to develop high levels of Universal Human intelligence and consciousness.

If man doesn’t become universal, he shall be extinguished on account of his instincts. Hence the vital importance of man evolving and developing his intelligence and consciousness to become a Universal Human Being.

Its important man understands, universalization won’t come down to reach the low frequency of man. It is man who must raise to reach the high frequencies for him to become a Universal Human Being, through the high and refined thoughts, product of the courses and practices we offer.

Therefore, to become universal, man must begin by thinking universally, understand and make his, the universal concepts that we share, to achieve and develop universal consciousness.

Once the participants of our courses and practices, have developed the necessary universal concepts and thoughts, with great pleasure we shall share with them: “The Code” which allows to understand, prove and develop, all the qualities and aptitudes that constitute Universal Human Beings.

  Humans aren’t born,

Humans are developed


Humans aren't born humans are constituted


Human Beings aren’t a genetic or generic status simply by thinking and believing it to be so.

When man is born, he isn’t born with human intelligence and consciousness developed; therefore he isn’t born human. If man is born genetically and physically healthy, he is born with the aptitude to develop, the high human scales of intelligence and consciousness, among other qualities and aptitudes necessary to develop himself into a Human Being. If he doesn’t develop the necessary levels of intelligence and consciousness, he will never become Human, he shall remain tied down by his ignorance, unconscious and distracted, without a reason to live or exist.

Unfortunately, science and man in general, don’t know what levels of intelligence and consciousness are required for constituting Human Beings. Science commits a very serious mistake, a very serious omission when they affirm that man genetic and generically is born Human. They make no difference between an ignorant and unconscious racist man and a Human Being.

By the mere genetic and generic facts man is born with, he cannot be considered human. To consider or qualify someone as a human being, he should have human levels of intelligence and consciousness developed. When man is born healthy, he is born genetically and generically with the ability, with the aptitude of developing the necessary levels of intelligence and consciousness for constituting himself into a Human Being, if he has the necessary circumstantial conditions and counts with and maintains the required attitude for his development.


What is intelligence, where does it come from, how is it developed, and what is it for.

Treaty of Intelligence: see here: xxxxx


 Intelligence Thought Consciousness


Man can’t access universal truth or freedom of thought and action, until he learns to release himself from the static physical atomic frequency his  body and mind are trapped in.

When man thinks, his thoughts are created by remembering and relating to someone or something. With these few words, we can resume what the meaning of thought is, for the intellectually retarded man that inhabits this world. The problem is that man doesn’t know how to think, he doesn’t even know what thought is for, he doesn’t know what the object of thought is. This is the reason why man cant evolve his intellect.

Thought is the main work of the brain, it’s the conceptual exercise that increases, releases, heals, strengthens, develops, evolves and transcends the intellect of intelligent beings. The brain and intelligence are nothing without producing their product, without producing their fruit.

  The fruit of the brain and intelligence is thought

The fruit of thoughts is the concepts developed

♦ The fruit of concepts exercised and applied is consciousness.
 The fruit of consciousness is transcendence.

Thought is the main work of the brain, it’s the conceptual exercise that increases, frees, heals, strengthens, develops, evolve and transcends the intellect of intelligent beings. The brain and intelligence are nothing without product, their fruit is thoughts, the fruit of thoughts are concepts, the fruit of concepts when applied is consciousness and the fruit of consciousness is universal transcendence.

For developing high levels of human consciousness

The following is needed:

 1st:  Completely free and unlimited rational Intelligence. 

2nd: Exercise thoughts to experience and apply them.

3rd: Conceptualize, create a system of scientific, technological, educational, and cultural concepts until a system of concepts is created that will create pure intellectuality which is consciousness.

The object of thought is to develop consciousness, and this is achieved by researching, thinking, and knowing that the object of human intelligence is physical, intellectual and spiritual freedom. The solution for all the problems of man is to is to think in a rational, objective, evolutionary and infinitely transcendent way.


The superior heights of the universe are for free and conscious beings.Freedom and consciousness are the wings that must be activated for navigating, discovering and knowing the universe.

 Universal Human Being

Universal Human Beings, thoughts and actions are governed by the Universal Spirit. The dynamic energy of the spirit manifests itself in matter through Universal Human Beings thoughts, that are generated by the sentiments, created by the needs and the understanding of the spirit.

Our spirit is the pilot of our mind, the concepts are our conquests, our achievements or defeats. Consciousness is our triumph over adversity, our trophy in our competition against ignorance. Consciousness and intelligence are for us to evolve, evolve is to mute and transcend, transcend and be free, intelligent, conscious, universal and infinite.

Read full post xxxxx

The Universal Frequencies

to which we syntonize depending on the kind of thoughts we have.

Our thoughts are like a radio broadcasting signals.

Energy of thoughts

Enteric ( + ) Future

Ateric (+ -) Present

Antromic ( – ) Past

Enteric frequency ( + ) constant Future

Its future, always going up never consumed, it regenerates itself in consistent vertical jumps. It parts from here, it gets there and from there it parts beyond there. It never returns, it never bounces, it impulses on itself, because it’s constant dynamic future.

Ateric frequency  (- +) Present

This is the present static frequency that goes in a certain direction, with waves both up and down and to all sides, in 360 degrees. It goes in circles, it’s of an instant, and it’s being consumed. The ateric frequency is the atomic frequency that maintains and controls matter. It’s gray because it’s between black and white, in the center, and it’s static because it has no particular direction. It is the frequency that is worn, consumed, which does not leave a certain radius of a circle, the circle of the atom. Its split in two, it’s between the past going towards the future. It’s past and consumed future at the same time, it’s being consumed, it’s not defined, and it’s of a moment. This is precisely why we said that matter is governed by gray consumable energy.

This gray energy has the mentality of man trapped in it, he can only see today, only feel and perceive today, the present. He can only see and feel what hurts him now, the actions that he’s feeling at this moment. He isn’t capable of going to the past in  his animal state (body) and much less aspire to go to the future. This is the static state in which man is in. The atom dominates his mind and retains him in the atomic frequency. When a person lives in the past, he is consumed, he lives in fear, in error, in hatred, in death and obviously lives in belief, exploitation, injustice and ignorance. All that is past, it has no future. The people that consume and generate that energy transmit it to the anteric frequency, to the past. On the other hand, people who are love, who have clean thoughts, who help others to grow and develop themselves, these people are sending energy to the enteric frequency, to the future.

The ateric central gray energy, isn’t going anywhere, it’s consuming and disintegrating itself. At the same time that it’s being generated it’s degenerating, it’s being consumed. The ateric energy exists in the atom, by the atom and for the atom and therefore isn’t going anywhere, it has no future, its only future is to be consumed and destroyed.

Anteric frequency (-) constant Past

Energy that’s consumed, is destroyed and goes to the past, to the anteric negative frequency.

We are like a radio, we are receiving and sending signals to the past, to the anteric if we are destructive, if we are negative, or to the enteric if we are positive and progressive, if we love, if we do beneficial things and transcend. It depends on where we direct our antenna to, where we direct our activities, our thoughts and feelings to, is where we direct our thoughts and where we shall integrate our energy to.

Energy which is static, which is of the moment which isn’t going anywhere, that consumes itself, is like man who has no universal reason for living. To live simply because he exists in and for the moment for matter ? Obviously that energy of and for the moment, is being used by the static frequency, and that statism is precisely what threatens to destroy the reason of existence and life in this world and others. Man exists in that frequency of the moment, trapped in the atomic static frequency of present time, the static frequency which shall swallow and consume him.

Man free of beliefs, completely autonomous, free of shame, hatred, vanity, fear would be dynamic. Man can never become dynamic and Universal, because he belongs to matter, to the atomic static frequency which retains his thoughts, and retains his destiny, guided and imposed by the atom,  by the static frequency of the atom.

Man is static not dynamic, he retains himself and retains others in the static frequency. Until man breaks and frees himself from the atomic static frequency, he won’t have freedom of feeling, thought, action and transcendence. I repeat, man is static, he is governed by the atom and all his beliefs, feelings and thoughts are static, due to the dominance that the atom has over him. Vanity, hatred, pride, greed, selfishness, fear, ignorance and beliefs are static and tie man down to the atomic frequency, this is why man shall never be free and shall never transcend.



The concepts man develops when exercised and taken to practice is the definition of consciousness.


 Complete courses and practices click here

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