♦ Therapies “online”

Healing “online”

BioUniversal Energy transmitted “online”

Regenerates and recodifies mind, body and spirit

Recodifies man and codifies the Universal Human Being

Ask for a trial therapy. No Charge. No Commitment

We transmit BioUniversal Energy “online” to our patients, who can regenerate (cure) all kinds of physical, mental and spiritual illnesses

Most patients can perceive the energy flow through their bodies, and often see and interact with the high Universal Entities of light that take part in them.

The first therapy is a free invitation, for patients to try and prove their effectiveness, to then decide whether they want more or not. For following therapies, we ask for a voluntary donation, to help continue and further expand our services.

 We suggest our patients subscribe to the courses and practices we offer in “BioUniversal Guide” blog for achieving best benefits.

Examples of benefits participants can expect

with the first therapy

♦ Pain: is usually removed in the first therapy, even the ones strongest drugs can’t. We offer assisting patients to learn to control pain with the aid of a BioUniversal Energy Kit Pack.

♦ Depression: We get rid of depression in the first therapy, but will need of conceptual and further energy healing therapies for a total recovery.

♦ Spinal column: Patients feel the benefit in the first therapies, when suffering disc hernia and other spinal problems. When attending to the recommendations of care  suggested, patients can expect to feel completely relieved, although,  more time of care and therapies follow ups shall be necessary to expect a complete recovery.

♦ Rheumatism and arthritis: pain is completely relieved after the first therapy. We offer a “BioUniversal Energy Kit Pack”  in our “online” store and teach patients to use them “online, as well as recharge the energy of the Kit Pack “online”, so that patients never again suffer pain and in most cases start a regenerative process.

These are some of the very common examples of cases where our therapies are of great benefit. Many other diseases can be regenerated with these therapies, and those which they can’t, have shown a  great improvement in the quality of life obtained.

We can not guarantees to regenerate all patients. This is why we offer a free trial with no further obligation, so you can consider whether or not they are beneficial for you.

The BioUniversal Energy Kit Pack that is offered in our store “online” has one month guarantee of satisfaction. If for any reason they are sent back to us in good condition before 30 days of purchase reception, we refund 100% payed for them. We do not refund frieght costs.

.Other benefits of

BioUniversal Energy:

.♦ Universal Journeys:

When receiving therapies “online” , we can separate the spirit from the body of many participants.who can perceive with all their senses and interact with all the different frequencies that conform the Universal Integral Reality. They can choose to travel to the past and the future, to any physical present part of the universe, or to the frequency where those who have died physically live. The finishing touch: We take participants to the Supreme Universal frequency and contact them with the high Entities of Universal Light that interact with the participants who can perceive them with all their physical senses, see, talk, hear, touch.

♦ Supreme Intelligence:

We teach participants to synthonize and connect with the frequency of Supreme Universal Intelligence, so that each participant in his particular area of interest may outstand with his discoveries and creativity.

♦ Universal Code:

Unifersal Codification for participants who receive the seed of Universal Sense, that shall allow them to become Universal Human Beings if they develope the seed.

♦ Certified BioUniversal Guide:

We offer special training to al who want to become a “BioUniversal Guide” who shall be certified by BioUniversal Org for representing  and offering all of our services to all the people and institutions that request them.This is how we will expand this project in all languages, in every corner of the earth, for man to become a Universal Human Being

Have a computer with audio and microphone.
Install Skype on your computer and learn to use all functions before getting “online” with us.
Be in a place without any distractions or interruptions, in order to receive the benefits of therapies.
Fill in the Patient ID Form